Pumpkins Etc. 2014

We are open daily, 10-6p, It’s been a challenging year growing pumpkins, as they were planted late due to June rain. So we are supplementing with pumpkins from other fields. We have lots of cooking pumpkins, decorate awhile, then EAT, also numerous squash, gourds, stalks, straw, and Grandma Ding’s Fudge. The regular flavors, plus Pumpkin Pie and Caramel Apple pie. Mazes are there, picnic area, free admission, come play and enjoy the country.


Seed Ordering

Numerous seed catalogues are spread out on the kitchen table, we’re  comparing prices, shipping costs etc. We need to order before they run out.  The mum order is finished and needs to be completed in Jan. to get the early order discount.  We’re looking forward to 2013.

2011 Season Is Over

Weatherwise, this was the mildest year ever, only a few cood days, no mud. Our combining is also finished.  Barn cleaning is almost complete, then preparations for next year.

It’s always fun to see our customers that come year after year. New people found us too and assured us they will be back.  They liked our relaxed atmosphere.

You can find us at Kansas City Rivermarket on Sat., Nov. 5th.   Our truck is loaded with winter squash, cooking pumpkins, gourds, Bittersweet, Indian Corn and large dried gourds for crafting.

Grandma Ding is making fudge today for market on Sat., Pumpkin Pie Fudge with pecans,  Caramel Apple Pie Fudge, plus the regulars, chocolate pecan, Black Walnut Peanut Butter/Choc and many more.

Thanks to all that came to see us,  see you next year.

Bill and Kathy (Grandma Ding) Wright

Cooler Weather Has Arrived

From summer clothes to coats and gloves, the weather changes fast in Missoiuri.

Fall is in the air.  Leaves are falling and blowing, Black Walnuts are dropping.  A frost blanketed some areas this morning, no worry though, the pumpkins are just fine. There are still many pumpkins in our U-Pick patches. Our Mums are even more brilliant after a bit of frost.

Pumpkin Pie Fudge, Apple Pie Fudge, Black Walnut Fudge and other flavors are waiting for you at our barn.